AMOS Professional AGA (X version)

Welcome on the AMOS Professional AGA mini-site !

This website is dedicaced to the project "AMOS Professional AGA" based on the François Lionet's "AMOS Professional Official" source code available here :
And released under the MIT Licence.
Administrer of the AMOS Professional Official source code repository, on 2020.05.03 are Colin Vella and Phaze101.

2021.05.27 : Restoring the website.

For an unknown reason, the entire DATAS of the website disappeared.
I had to restore an older backup.
I will rpdate the website later today to makes all the previously available content being available again for everyone.
Thank you for your understanding.

2020.09.12 : First official Alpha Release Ver 0.200911 of the Amos Professional AGA (The X Project) is available :

You can see the technical and demonstration video available on the Youtube channel of the projet by clicking in this link :

You can also reach the page where the binary is available to test it on your True Amiga hardware, or on your favourite emulator :

Major improvement for RGB24 AGA Color Support

  • Double Buffer now working with up to 256 colors
  • Screen Swap also working with up to 8 bitplanes
  • Copper List support for RGB24 bits colors complete
  • Support for HAM8 nearly completed (need to add support for HAM8 in Double Buffer method)
  • Fixed HELP for AGA Version.
  • And many more improvements and fixes (Information in the NewsAndUpdates.txt file

Folllow the Youtube channel to get the latest videos about the project :

If you want to support the project, feel free to make a donation to my paypal account : cordierfr (at) wanadoo (dot) fr :

If François Lionet or someone else think that this project would violate the MIT Licence rules set for the original "AMOS Professional Official" source code repository, please send me a message using the contact form and I'll do my best to udpate things as soon as possible to respect the MIT Licence limits defined in the original "AMOS Professional Official" repository.

I wish you have fun.