AMOS Professional AGA (X version)

Welcome on the AMOS Professional AGA mini-site !

This website is dedicaced to the project "AMOS Professional AGA" based on the François Lionet's "AMOS Professional Official" source code available here :
And released under the MIT Licence.
Administrer of the AMOS Professional Official source code repository, on 2020.05.03 are Colin Vella and Phaze101.

2020.08.10 : Project reorganization

The project re-structuring is done and progress continues.
It's a bit slowly during summer but I hope to make good progress during autumn.
Don't hesitate to regularly check the official repository of the project :

If François Lionet or someone else think that this project would violate the MIT Licence rules set for the original "AMOS Professional Official" source code repository, please send me a message using the contact form and I'll do my best to udpate things as soon as possible to respect the MIT Licence limits defined in the original "AMOS Professional Official" repository.

I wish you have fun.