AMOS Professional AGA (X version)

Welcome on the AMOS Professional AGA mini-site !

This website is dedicaced to the project "AMOS Professional AGA" based on the François Lionet's "AMOS Professional Official" source code available here :
And released under the MIT Licence.
Administrer of the AMOS Professional Official source code repository, on 2020.05.03 are Colin Vella and Phaze101.

2020.05.06 : Project reorganization

During integration of AGA support to the original Amos Professional 2.00 (ECS), I discovered that due to the fact that AMOS Professional uses static structures for datas such as packed screen, blitter objects, icons, screens, but not only these; I had to made changes that did potentially break double direction compatibility between original Amos Professional 2.00 (ECS) and new Amos Professional 3.00 AGA (X version). Rework entirely the bank system and data structure to be dynamic should be too long, and may not assure a total compatibility between original Amos Professional 2.00 (ECS) and new Amos Professional 3.00 AGA (X version).

This problem forces me to take a decision concerning the future of the development of AGA support for Amos Professional :

 I must proceed to a complete reorganization of both Source Code,  and file names for the releases.

This mean, for example, that the new Amos Professional AGA 3.00 will use an AmosProAGA.library instead of the original AMOS.library.
This was required to be sure that any Amiga users can have both original Amos Professional 2.00  (ECS) and Amos Professional 3.00 AGA (X version) capable of running without conflicts on the same computer.
It also ensures that games already developed under the original Amos Professional 2.00  (ECS) can run without problem when Amos Professional 2.0 AGA (X version) is also installed in the computer configuration.
This reorganization also required to update the editor, interpreter and compiler configuration files with a new name including AGA inside, for the same reasons than the ones explained above.

If François Lionet or someone else think that this project would violate the MIT Licence rules set for the original "AMOS Professional Official" source code repository, please send me a message using the contact form and I'll do my best to udpate things as soon as possible to respect the MIT Licence limits defined in the original "AMOS Professional Official" repository.

I wish you have fun.