This page contains documentation for the "improved/enhanced for AGA "versions of AMOS Professional commands set


Syntax :
  Spack ScreenID to BankID
  Spack ScreenID to BankID, Left, Top, Right, Bottom
  Spack ScreenID, Left, Top, Right, Bottom To BankID (New Command)

Details :
  This command will compress the screen ( ScreenID ) into the memory bank ( BankID ).
  If the bank does not exists, it will create it.
  If you specify coordinates for Left, Top to Right, Bottom section of the screen to be packed, these coordinates will be automatically roudned to the nearest 8 pixel boundary.

Additional informations :
  With the AMOS Professional AGA project, a new version of this command was created as I find the parameters order more logicals with this new command.
  Screen packed with the AGA Version of AMOS Professional are not compatible with older AMOS Professional releases. Even if these packed pictures or screen, does not contain more than 32/64EHB colors.


Syntax :
  UnPack BankID
  Unpack BankID to ScreenID
  UnPack BankID, Left, Top

Details :
  This command unpack crunched images.
  It is fully compatible with AutoBack system.
  It can unpack both older Amos Professional version packed files, and new one (using more than 32 colors).