68080 AMMX Devpac Macros Support

This page is dedicaced to the 68060-AMMX Devpac Macros Support.

This project uses Devpac MACRO system to add support for 68080 instructions set inside Devpac 3.x.
It will be used in the Amos Professional Unity project to increase performances with Vampire cards.

The current Alpha Release contains the following Macros :

AMMX_Load (An),dn
AMMX_Load (An)+,dn
AMMX_Load -(An),dn
AMMX_Load (An,Dm),Dn
AMMX_Load (An,Dm.w),Dn
AMMX_Load (An,Dm.l),Dn
AMMX_Load ADR,(An),Dn
AMMX_Load ADR,(An,Dm),Dn
AMMX_Load ADR,(An,Dm.w),Dn
AMMX_Load ADR,(An,Dm.l),Dn

AMMX_Store Dn,(An)
AMMX_Store Dn,(An)+
AMMX_Store Dn,-(An)
AMMX_Store Dn,(An,Dm)
AMMX_Store Dn,(An,Dm.w)
AMMX_Store Dn,(An,Dm.l)
AMMX_Store Dn,ADR,(An)
AMMX_Store Dn,ADR,(An,Dm)
AMMX_Store Dn,ADR,(An,Dm.w)
AMMX_Store Dn,ADR,(An,Dm.l)

Descriptions :
; An can be adress registers A0-A7
; Dm can be data registers D0-D7
; Dn can be data registers D0-D7 and E0-E23 registers
; ADR can be byte(.b), word(.w) or integer(.l). Use is automatically adjusted.

You can download this alpha (Work In Progress) version of the AMMX 68080 Macros for Devpac from the following link :

AMMX_Release 2021.05.05 18.14

Here are the development news :

2021.05.05 Updated : Fix Uppercase registers detection

05 May 2021

New build downloaded today. This version fixes minors issues includin the detection of uppercase registers.... Lire la suite

AMMX 1st Macro Completed : "Load"

30 April 2021

Here is how I test if a new part of an AMMX instruction work. 1. You can see on the left Sublime Text windows, my AMMX_Load macro file. Each instruction will own its own separated file (I'll create a file that will include all instructions files so only 1 file will have to be included in source code. 2. On the Right Sublime Text window you can see source code used to test the MACRO.In that... Lire la suite