Personal Unity Extension

Personal Unity extension is the replacement of the old AmosPro_Personal.lib that was developed in the pas for original Amos Professional.

It's a brand new version of the library/extension/plugin that will allow, theorically everything that was available in the previous version, and more.

This page is "placeholder" for the moment but it will be improved/completed soonly.

Amos Professional Unity - Personal Extension - Command Set

Here are the latest news concerning this project :

2021.04.10 Aga Sprites Playfield FX Development

10 April 2021

The base principle to use an existing sprite as a full screen "playfield" is now done.It is working with AGA 64 pixels 16 colors sprite alone (no combination).Now, I will have to update this base to handle all the parameters of the sprite chosen to be replicated to create a full playfield.What I plan is to get Sprites informations (like its image width, height, colors amount (4 or 16) and the Set... Lire la suite