SpecialFX Extension (previously Personal Unity)

SpecialFX extension is the replacement of my old AmosPro_Personal.lib that was developed in the past for original Amos Professional.
It's a brand new version of the library/extension/plugin that will allow, theorically everything that was available in the previous version, and more.
It will takes advantages of the improvements I have developed for the Amos Professional Unity project.

Amos Professional Unity - SpecialFX Extension - Command Set

Here are the latest news concerning this project :

2021.04.22 First Public Alpha Release Available for download

22 April 2021

Amos Professional Unity - Special FX Plugin - Public Alpha Release 1 Available for download Today, the 2021.04.22, the 1st official and public alpha version build of the plugin SpecialFX is available for download.Don't forget that the software is "unfinished". It's an alpha build that probably contains bugs.This versions contains some new commands sets :- Memblocks- FastMem CPU Icons- Sprite... Lire la suite

2021.04.16 AGA 64 Width Sprites Playfields completed & Details

16 April 2021

The new "AGA Sprites Playfield" system is now completed and working.It was the occasion to integrat in Amos Professional Unity, a new system that allow developer to put a method call inside a screen view to insert specials FX. With this, when the screen is redefined inside the Copper list, a call to a specific method in the AmosProfessional_PersonalUnity.lib is done (if the effect is activated in... Lire la suite

2021.04.15 Triple Playfield with 64 pixels width base AGA Sprites Tests

15 April 2021

Tests were done to see which sprites combinations are working when "Set Sprite Width" base is set to 64. There are 40 combinations possibles of sprites detailled in the photo available below. Tests results conclude that there are currently 23 working combinations, and 17 non working ones. I will now work to increase the amount of working combinations and try to reach the hardware limits... Lire la suite

2021.04.14 Triple Playfield with 192 pixels 16 Colors AGA Sprites

14 April 2021

Hello, here is a new video showing AGA Sprites working with a dual playfield to create a triple playfield effect. Enjoy !... Lire la suite

2021.04.10 Aga Sprites Playfield FX Development

10 April 2021

The base principle to use an existing sprite as a full screen "playfield" is now done.It is working with AGA 64 pixels 16 colors sprite alone (no combination).Now, I will have to update this base to handle all the parameters of the sprite chosen to be replicated to create a full playfield.What I plan is to get Sprites informations (like its image width, height, colors amount (4 or 16) and the Set... Lire la suite