2021.04.10 Aga Sprites Playfield FX Development

10 April 2021 à 19:00

The base principle to use an existing sprite as a full screen "playfield" is now done.
It is working with AGA 64 pixels 16 colors sprite alone (no combination).

Now, I will have to update this base to handle all the parameters of the sprite chosen to be replicated to create a full playfield.
What I plan is to get Sprites informations (like its image width, height, colors amount (4 or 16) and the Set Sprite Width value (16,32 or 64) to recreate the sprite combination calculated and replicate it as time as required to create a full playfield.

This special effect should provide the capability to create a 2nd playfield on standard screens (from 2 to 256 colors on AGA or 64EHB on ECS/OCS) or a 3rd playfield when using Dual Playfield.

This Sprite playfield is static for the moment.

Frédéric Cordier

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