2021.04.16 AGA 64 Width Sprites Playfields completed & Details

16 April 2021 à 16:18

The new "AGA Sprites Playfield" system is now completed and working.
It was the occasion to integrat in Amos Professional Unity, a new system that allow developer to put a method call inside a screen view to insert specials FX. With this, when the screen is redefined inside the Copper list, a call to a specific method in the AmosProfessional_PersonalUnity.lib is done (if the effect is activated in the screen) and the Sprite Playfield FX can be created.

This Sprite Playfield FX is dedicaced to the principle to create a full screen playfield using 4 or 16 colors AGA Sprites with native depth set to 64 pixels wide. This playfield system uses Amos Professional Unity AGA Sprites combination information (based on original Amos Professional 2.0 ECS/OCS one, but extended to AGA sprites capabilities) to extends the sprites combinations to the whole screen.

I tried to reach the maximum hardware capabilities and got this compatibility list :

In this board, sprites are described using : Width(in pixels), Y=Height(in pixels), Depth(in color amount).
Ecample : 256*Y*4 mean a sprite composition of 4x64 pixels wide sprites, giving the result of a big 256 pixels width sprites, with 4 colors. Y mean height and can be of the height of the screen -2 (start at screen y pos + 2 ). To reach 320 pixels wide, the sprite 0 (left part pixels 0-63) will be repeated after the last sprite.

Here are the details of available combinations :

Bitplanes \ Sprites 64*Y*4 128*Y*4 192*Y*4 256*Y*4 64*Y*16 128*Y*16 192*Y*16 256*Y*16
7 N/A N/A N/A
8 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

An evaluation version of the Amos Professional Personal .lib will be available with the next Amos Professional Unity Alpha Release to allow developers to test this new exciting feature !

Frédéric Cordier

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